Timothy Banowetz Was Sentenced To At least 60 Years In Prison For Killing Edwardsville Attorney Randy Gori

EDWARDSVILLE – Timothy Banowetz who killed Edwardsville attorney Randy Gori was sentenced to at least 60 years behind bars.

Banowetz was sentenced to 60 years for first-degree murder and 10 years for two armed robbery charges at the Madison County Criminal Justice Center on Friday. He must serve every day of the murder sentence.

He was charged in January 2020 with first-degree murder for entering Gori’s Edwardsville home, zip-tying Gori and his two children, then slitting Gori’s throat and stabbing him several times. He intended to kill all three and burn the house down.

Durning Friday sentencing It was revealed police were called to the scene of Banowetz’s abandoned truck the night before the crimes. In the truck, They found a Google map of the area around the victim’s home. There were footprints leading away from the truck.

The evidence would have shown that Banowetz demanded money, then slit Gori’s throat and stabbed him multiple times. The two minors were bound with zip ties, but a friend showed up outside the house with two barking dogs.

Banowetz fired his attorney just before the sentencing hearing and was allowed to represent himself. However, he didn’t offer any questions or make any statements at the sentencing.

“You committed a premeditated, planned, brutal act. You terrorized two children and then you brutally murdered a man and you are an absolute danger to society,” stated the presiding Judge Kyle Napp before she sentenced Banowetz.

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