Two Charged In Connection With East Alton Ice Arean Parking Lot Shooting

EAST ALTON – On Saturday evening 1/22/22 at approximately 7:55 pm, the East Alton Police Department responded to a shooting on the parking lot of the East Alton Ice Arena. Information received from multiple 911 calls was that at least one woman had been shot by an unknown black male who had fled the area on foot. Multiple police agencies responded also including East Alton Fire Department and Alton Memorial Ambulance Services.

Once on scene, the initial investigation revealed there were actually two female victims, both suffering from lower body gunshot wounds. Both victims were transported to local hospitals. The older victim underwent surgery that night and is reported to be recovering well, at this time. The younger victim was released from the hospital earlier this week and is recovering at home.

East Alton Police initial investigation revealed that a black man suspects, in his late 20s or early 30s, wearing a dark colored, possible black hoody had approached several people on the parking lot, including the victims. The investigation also showed that the suspect actually approached the victims twice, speaking to them briefly, before walking away and then re-engaging approximately one minute later. As he approached the, he pointed a handgun and quickly fired one round, striking both victims. The suspect then fled on foot, NE towards Lewis and Clark Blvd.

Durning the subsequent investigation, multiple sources of video surveillance were obtained, capturing the suspects movements. With further assistance from Alton, Wood River and the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, the East Alton Police Department were able to link the suspect to a second shooting in Cottage Hills area that occurred on Sunday. This case, a Home Invasion was investigated by the Madison County Sherrif Department. Ater coordinating with these agencies, the suspects identity was established by late Monday morning. On Monday after probable cause was developed, local LPR cameras were utilized to focus on the movement of the suspect vehicle. The suspect was apprehend Monday afternoon on the Berm Highway after his vehicle hit a LPR camera.

The suspect Berton L. Newton,30 years old of Alton was arrested, the driver of the car and Newton’s girlfriend, Amber D. Golliday was also taken into custody. Golliday had previously been identified as a suspect in the Madison County case.

The charges for Newton is:

Count I: Attempted First Degree Murder (Class X Felony): In that said defendant, with the intent to commit the offense of First Degree Murder, and with the intent to kill Maria, performed a substantial step towards the commission of the offense, in that he personally discharged a firearm that caused great bodily harm to Maria.

Count II: Aggravated Battery With A Firearm (Class X): In that said defendant knowingly and by means of discharging of a firearm, caused an injury to Maria, in that said defendant shot Maria in her leg.

Count III: Aggravated Battery With A Firearm (Class X): In that said defendant knowingly and means of the discharging of a firearm, caused an injury to Renee.

Count IV: Unlawful Possession Of Weapons By A Felon. In that said defendant, a person who has been convicted of the offense of Burglary, a forcible felony under the law of Illinois on 1/19/2021, in the Circuit Court of Contra Costa California, knowingly possessed on or about his person a firearm.

Amber D. Golliday Charge:

Count I: Obstructing Justice (Class 4): In that said defendant with the intent to obstruct the due prosecution of an Attempted Murder investigation, knowingly furnished false information to Detective Adams, a peace officer, in that she related to the officer that she was not with Berton Newton when he disposed of a weapon involved in the investigation.

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