The American Bald Eagles Return To Alton

ALTON – All eyes are on the sky for the Great Rivers & Routes region experts anticipated as many as 1,000 bald eagles will migrate to the area reclaiming their winter roosts along the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway just outside St. Louis in Illinois.

People can view the Eagles across the Alton bridge on Riverlands Way, Grafton Illinois, Pere Marquette State Park, Portage Des Sioux, Great River Road between Alton and Grafton, and around the Alton Lock and Dam.

Some facts about the American Bald Eagles:

Eat fish, carrion, smaller birds, and rodents

Soars through the sky rather than flap wings

There is a large number of bald eagles in Alaska and Canada

Use their talons to fish or steal the kills from other animals

Live near coasts and lakes where there is a large amount of fish

Can live up to 28 years

Both female and male bald eagles have a blackish-brown body, white head, neck, and tail, yellow feet, legs, and beak, and pale yellow eyes

Bald eagles weigh anywhere from 6.5 pounds to 14 pounds

Their body is usually 34 inches to 45 inches long. This is similar to a 6-foot man.

Chris Rhodes
Author: Chris Rhodes

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