Local Attorney Tim Berkley Of Wood River Announced He Will Be A Republican Candidate For Circuit Judge In The Election of 2022

Local attorney Tim Berkley of Wood River announced he will be a Republican candidate for circuit judge in the election of 2022. Berkley, a lifelong resident of Madison County, has more than 3 decades of experience as an attorney and dedicated servant of the community. 

He attended Lewis and Clark Community College and Southern Illinois Universityat Edwardsville, graduating with a bachelor degree in government in 1985. He then graduatedfrom University of Tulsa College of Law in 1990. Since then he has worked as a prosecutor, public defender, private practitioner, and for the Appellate Court system. Before becominganattorney, Tim was a union contractor at the Wood River Refinery. 

“I am honored to run for Judge, I come from a typical working middle class familyofMadison County. I’ve lived in the Roxana/Wood River area my entire life and built alegal career I am very proud of. This is a great place to live and raise a family. I love it here. I will take that background to our bench. I will decide cases fairly and impartially, free of political influence and mandates, and will passionately uphold the law. This includes the Constitutionsof the United States and the State of Illinois. I’d be honored by your support.” 

Berkley began his legal career serving the people of Madison County as an assistant state’sattorney for former Madison County State’s Attorney, the late honorable WilliamR. (Bill)Haine, in 1990. For the next 30 years he worked as prosecutor, public defender, andasaprivate attorney in Alton. Upon his election to the Fifth District Appellate Court in2016, Justice John Barberis, Jr., hired Berkley as his Senior Law Clerk. Berkley resignedthisposition upon announcing his candidacy for circuit judge. 

Berkley’s local years in public service have included helping found Madison County’s Alternative Drug Court Program, helping establish the first truancy court programming Madison County, election to the Roxana Board of Education and service as the board’s vice-president, and service as Chairman of the Madison County Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Committee.

“My legal career has been an outgrowth of what I learned growing up and living in Roxana, where my family always worked hard. My dad, Louis, worked for Shell Oil at the WoodRiver Refinery as a union pipefitter for 31 years. My mom, Norma, worked 14-hour days6days a week at her local Roxana business – Norma’s Poodle Palace – working until shewas81 years old. I am so proud to be from this area and will take that hard-work ethic intoourJudiciary. I will be a true working judge.” 

Berkley is a patriot life member of the National Rifle Association, a life member of theIllinois State Rifle Association, and a member of the Edwardsville Gun Club. 

“I will bring strong Constitutional principles to the Bench. I believe in lawand order andtheSecond Amendment. We need a judicial system that builds up a safe community that protectsworking men and women and gives them the best opportunity raise their families here, just asmy family did for me. I hope to earn your vote.” 

Berkley will run to fill the vacancy created by the announced upcoming retirement of ChiefCircuit Judge Bill Mudge. Due to recent legislation, Berkley will appear on the ballot onlyforvoters living in the areas of the county comprising the first subcircuit. 

Berkley and his wife of 36 years, Sherry, are Roxana graduates and reside in Wood River. They have two sons and daughters-in-law and are proud grandparents of two granddaughters. 

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