Granite City Mayor Mike Parkinson Talks At Round Table Discussion About Economic Growth

GRANITE CITY – Along with the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, Alejandra Castillo, Congresswoman Nikki Budzinski hosted a roundtable discussion yesterday with local mayor’s, state officials and stakeholders from around the Southwestern Illinois region.

Granite City Mayor, Mike Parkinson was at the table to discuss economic revitalization and development efforts in Central and Southern Illinois and how Granite City has been active in ongoing partnerships with nearby communities in developing Metro-East area commerce. 

The forum was conducted in Alton, Illinois at the Jacoby Arts Center and focused on economic development and collaboration with several municipalities in the Southwestern Illinois area, Andy Manar, Deputy Governor, Senator Erica Harris, and State Representative Amy Elik were present as well.

Assistant Secretary Castillo spoke on how a shared vision and economic planning should involve a community partnership and that the regionalization of economic development should not be competitive but rather a cooperative between municipalities, labor, business and philanthropic groups to insure success.

Further Assistant Secretary Castillo called upon local leaders to engage in actively pursuing federal funds and stated her office is available for assistance in securing these funds. “There are pockets of money everywhere and we want to partner with each of you to lead the way in learning how to access these federal funds.”

Congresswoman Budzinski then yielded the discussion to area mayor’s beginning with Alton Mayor Goins, followed by Mayor Parkinson, who spoke about the growth of the Granite City economic development, new businesses and the revitalization of the Nameoki Corridor and “The District” (downtown arts and entertainment area). 

Mayor Parkinson further discussed partnerships with bordering municipalities in the area, including Madison, Pontoon Beach, in an effort to regionalize economic development and capitalize on state and federal funding in a collaborative way. 

Mayor Parkinson also discussed the frustration with wealthy communities receiving the same incentives to entice new business as the economically challenged communities who desperately need the incentives to attract new growth.

For further information contact the Mayor’s office.

Chris Rhodes
Author: Chris Rhodes

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