Flashing Yellow Arrow Signals Coming To U.S. 67 In Godfrey

COLLINSVILLE – The Illinois Department of Transportation announced today that flashing
yellow arrow traffic signals will be installed in the coming months along U.S. 67 from Illinois
140/Broadway Connector in Alton to U.S. 67 and Illinois 111/267 Lars Hoffman Crossing in
Godfrey, improving safety and traffic flow along a major commercial thoroughfare.

The first flashing yellow arrow signal was recently activated at the Walmart entrance on Godfrey
Road and U.S. 67. Installation of all 12 planned flashing yellow arrow signals is expected to be
complete in June. Temporary daytime lane closures will be required.

The Federal Highway Administration encourages flashing yellow arrow traffic signals at certain
intersections to reduce left-turn crashes, following research that shows drivers found them easier
to understand and fewer collisions occurred where they were used when compared to traditional
yield-on-green signal configurations. They also have been proven to increase intersection
capacity, allowing higher traffic flow than those with only the standard red, yellow and green

The flashing yellow arrow is used in addition to the standard red, yellow and green arrows.
When illuminated, the flashing yellow arrow allows motorists to make a left-hand turn after
yielding to pedestrians and oncoming traffic. Otherwise, the new traffic signals work the same: A
steady green arrow means turn left, a steady yellow arrow warns that the signal will turn red and
a steady red arrow means stop.

A new policy is under development at IDOT that will require the use of flashing yellow arrow
signals at signalized intersections if cost and intersection design allows. A video on how they
have been used in Illinois can be found on IDOT’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

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Chris Rhodes
Author: Chris Rhodes

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