Update: No Charges Filed After Victim Left Willingly After SIUE Incident

EDWARDSVILLE – The SIUE Police Department (PD) sent an e-Lert text message to the SIUE community early in the morning on Saturday, May 27 informing of an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault incident. 

The e-Lert was issued based upon information reported at the time from Berkeley MO PD, pursuant to the University’s timely warning obligations under the Clery Act. 

The emailed e-Lert stated, “A female reported she was taken against her will from Cougar Village parking lot 4D and driven to North St. Louis. The female reported she was held at gunpoint during the drive before being sexually assaulted in Missouri. The female reported she was an acquaintance of black male suspect. The female reported being pushed from the vehicle after the assault where she called local police.” 

In addition, the alert provided safety practices for crime prevention on campus and contact information and resources to report sexual assault to the proper authorities. 

SIUE PD assisted the Berkeley PD, where the assault allegedly occurred, with the investigation. It was later clarified that the victim willingly left Cougar Village with the suspect, and subsequently asked to be taken back to campus, which was refused. 

The investigation has closed, and the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office declined to file criminal charges against the suspect. 

SIUE is committed to fostering a campus community where the safety and wellbeing of our students is a priority, and we offer a variety of educational and supportive resources to students, faculty and staff in that regard. 

Chris Rhodes
Author: Chris Rhodes

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