Gov. Pritzker Announces New Illinois State Police Metro East Regional Headquarters In East St. Louis

EAST ST. LOUIS — Governor JB Pritzker along with state and local leaders today announced the location of a new state-of-the-art Illinois State Police (ISP) Metro East Regional Headquarters and the release of capital funding to begin the design process. The regional multi-mission facility will house ISP patrol, investigations, communications, and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) resources. Strategically relocating patrol and investigative personnel will increase preventive patrol presence, help solve violent crime, and improve regional safety.

“Today, we take a significant step forward in ensuring the safety and opportunity of Metro East reflects what its residents deserve – what all of Illinois deserves: a community where all our families can thrive,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “This state-of-the-art facility will take a holistic approach to violent crime reduction, making the community safer and establishing an anchor for residential and business investment.”

Relocating the outdated ISP local offices to a new facility in East St. Louis is a concept that local leaders, activists, and community stakeholders have embraced. It represents an important step forward, synchronizing long-term commitments to reduce crime and utilizing state infrastructure dollars to address historic inequities. The facility, which will be located near Lynch Avenue and Caseyville Avenue, will not only increase a sense of safety for residents, but will be an anchor for new residential and business investment.

The State of Illinois purchased the land for $1.00 from Lansdowne UP, a private non-profit organization operating since 2008. Lansdowne UP’s stated mission is to transform Lansdowne, East St. Louis, into a thriving neighborhood, ensuring the neighborhood is clean and beautiful while also providing jobs, work force development, and housing for those who call East St. Louis home. The facility will be approximately 62,500 square feet, with an additional single-story, 21,000 square foot warehouse. ISP is working with the Capital Development Board to begin the design phase, in which the community will have an opportunity to provide input.

The new headquarters stems from Governor Pritzker’s historic, bipartisan bill that gives Illinois its first capital plan in nearly a decade and the most robust in state history. Rebuild Illinois is providing $45 billion worth of investments in roads, bridges, railroads, universities, early childhood centers and state facilities, creating and supporting an estimated 540,000 jobs over the life of the plan and revitalizing local economies across the state.

It includes $120 million for ISP facilities, the largest capital investment in ISP’s history. This investment is centered around two major projects: a combined forensic, investigative, and patrol facility in the Joliet area, and the Metro East Regional Headquarters in East St. Louis. Approximately $55 million is appropriated for the Metro East multi-year project.

“When we talk about addressing public safety comprehensively, that includes making sure that our law enforcement has the resources they need to safely and effectively do their job,” said Assistant Majority Leader Jay Hoffman (D-Swansea). “This new facility will help the Illinois State Police in their mission and underscores our continued investment toward public safety in our region. I am appreciative of everyone who worked to make this project a reality.”

“Cracking down on crime and bringing safer streets to the people of East St. Louis is a priority for me, and the addition of the ISP district headquarters to our community is sure to be a big step towards accomplishing those goals,” said State Rep. LaToya Greenwood, (D-East St. Louis). “Increased involvement from our state police force and the economic stimulus that the construction of their new district headquarters is sure to bring is a victory for our city. I’d like to offer a warm welcome to the brave men and women serving in ISP as well as to thank them for the good work they do keeping all Illinoisans safe.”

“Law enforcement officers, detectives and support staff employed through the Illinois State Police work with integrity to protect families and improve public safety in the greater Metro East region,” said State Senator Christopher Belt (D-Swansea). “By constructing a brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters in East St. Louis, all who call the community home or plan to visit stand to benefit.”

“The Illinois State Police strategic focus on reducing violent crime includes realignment of infrastructure to maximize the positive effects of our efforts,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly. “ISP has dedicated numerous resources to the region, including the Public Safety Enforcement Group, which is made up of ISP and local law enforcement. The new ISP Metro East Regional Headquarters will not only help prevent crime in East St. Louis and the surrounding region but will also spur community investment that will have a ripple effect across the entire area.”

“Lansdowne UP is pleased to offer this property to the Illinois State Police and honored that they have chosen this location to construct their new headquarters. Their presence will lead to personal relationships forged between law enforcement and community residents. This is in line with our vision of community development, leading to a transformation of Lansdowne into a thriving and vibrant neighborhood of people loving God and each other,” said Lansdowne UP Director of Administration Kevin E. Green. “On behalf of the residents of Lansdowne and the people who work, attend school, or church, or enjoy activities at Jones Park or the Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, we extend a hardy thanks and a warm welcome to the Illinois State Police! Along with our partners, the JJK Foundation and other like-minded residents and organizations, we welcome you as a fellow partner and catalyst for growth and revival in the Lansdowne community.”

To ensure all available property opportunities were explored, ISP issued an Information Inquiry detailing ISP’s needs and minimum criteria for property in the Metro East, which resulted in more than 30 submissions. Minimum requirements were that the property be no less than 4 acres, able to accommodate both buildings as well as parking, and located in St. Clair County, preferably within 2 miles of the interstate system and within a reasonable walking distance to public transportation.

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