Arrowhead Monument Damaged At Piasa Park

ALTON – The arrowhead monument at Piasa Park was damaged Tuesday night and is likely damaged beyond repair.

The monument was split in half about in the middle of the monument. However, the cut was not clean and there were pieces missing from the middle. It’s happened probably three or four times before, but it never broke until now. The cost of a new monument is unknown. Haynes said that when it was built in 1984, the cost was estimated at $5,000-$6,000.

” We are saddened to see the arrowhead monument at Piasa Park likely damaged beyond repair.  The monument has been observed by countless visitors over the years and served as the means to share the legend of the Piasa Bird and Chief Ouatoga and his warriors.  We would like to see the offender(s) for this despicable act of vandalism held accountable.” Alton Police Chief Jarrett Ford said

Alton Police Department is asking for anyone with information to contact Detective Sergeant Andrew Pierson in the Criminal Investigations Division of the Alton Police Department.  He can be reached at 618-463-3505 Ext. 671. and/or [email protected].

Chris Rhodes
Author: Chris Rhodes

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