Madison County States Attorney Tom Haine Releases Statement On Resignation Of St. Louis Circuit Attorney

MADISON COUNTY – The following statement is attributable to Thomas A. Haine, State’s Attorney of Madison County,
regarding the resignation of the St. Louis Circuit Attorney:

“As a region, we need to continue to do better. The justice system is complex, and relies on the efforts of innumerable unsung public servants to produce a good and just result for citizens. When it goes haywire, whether through mismanagement, neglect, or lack of appropriate resources, the results are often true human tragedies where criminals roam free, victims are left without lawful recourse, and once-beautiful neighborhoods wither”.

“I look forward to the efforts the new Circuit Attorney will make to make toward reinforcing the rule of law at the heart of our region – the historic and great City of St. Louis. We at the Madison County State’s”

Attorney’s Office stand ready to help however we can in that process.

Chris Rhodes
Author: Chris Rhodes

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