Denney Serving As Speaker At 77th Gallatin Awards

EAST ALTON – Boys and girls basketball players of the River Bend are set to be decorated for a 77th year. The Harry Gallatin Players of the Year Banquet is scheduled for 6 p.m. Sunday, March 17 at Julia’s Banquet Center in East Alton.

One of their own will serve as keynote speaker, as 1991 Boys POY winner Jonathan Denney performs that honor. Denney, the Southwestern Illinois College women’s basketball head coach in his second season, was an all-state point guard for the Civic Memorial Eagles when he secured the coveted River Bend hoops award. He went on to direct the CM girl’s basketball program to a 300-120 record in 14 years before moving on to SWIC. The Eagles captured seven regional and two sectional titles during his tenure at the helm.

Known as the Alton Exchange Club POY Awards when Denney won, it switched names to the Gallatin Awards with the 2018 banquet. Beginning in 1946, the basketball fete honored only male POYs from its inception until 1994 when it also started presenting a girl’s POY award. Serving the Alton, CM, East Alton-Wood River, Marquette Catholic, and Roxana boys and girls basketball programs, the banquet also presents 110 percent, free throw and team sportsmanship awards.

The finalists for the POY and 110 percent awards receive plaques, too. In 2019, the Gallatin Awards also began presenting a Special Service Award to a community member who has shown great support to the banquet and local basketball scene. Last season Sam Buckley of the Eagles won the boys’ POY, while Kiyoko Proctor of the Redbirds was named the girls’ POY.

Six boys have won the award more than once. Boys and girls basketball coaches and varsity players of the five River Bend schools can attend the 77th Gallatin Awards for free. Anyone outside of the programs who wants to attend the banquet can purchase tickets at the door for $25 cash, or pay via Venmo or PayPal.

Checks and credit cards are not accepted. A dinner is included for attendees. This will be the second time the awards have been hosted at Julia’s Banquet Center inside Eastgate Plaza and the first time since 2015.

Another change at the banquet this year is every varsity player who attends will be presented with a t-shirt commemorating the awards. This replaces the tradition of presenting new basketballs to 10 boys players and 10 girls players. Now every varsity player leaves with something to remember the experience.

The Gallatin Awards committee is composed of Bill Roseberry, Steve Porter, Joe Silkwood, Frank Akers, Tim Lowrance, Dan Cruz, Al Womack, Kyle Anderson, and Anna Hall. For questions regarding the festivities follow the Gallatin Players of the Year Awards on Facebook, or you can email Roseberry at [email protected].

Previous Players of the Year award winners include: 2023 — Sam Buckley of CM and Kiyoko Proctor of Alton 2022 — Owen Williams of Marquette Catholic and Kelbie Zupan of CM 2021 — Ja’Markus Gary of Alton and Tori Standefer of CM 2020 — Gavin Huffman of Roxana and Anna Hall of CM 2019 — Donovan Clay of Alton and Anna Hall of CM 2018 — Sammy Green of Marquette Catholic and Kaylee Eaton of CM 2017 – Maurice Edwards of Alton and Allie Troeckler of CM 2016 – Shandon Boone of Marquette Catholic and Allie Troeckler of CM 2015 – Darrius Edwards of Alton and Allie Troeckler of CM 2014 – Deion Lavender of Marquette Catholic and Megan Trost of CM 2013 — Hunter Reine of Roxana and Megan Trost of CM 2012 — Hunter Reine of Roxana and Megkinize Carter of CM 2011 — Tony Bradley of Alton and Cassie Endicott of CM 2010 — Tony Bradley of Alton and Kelsey Harrison of EA-WR 2009 — Ryan Mathews of Alton and Michaela Herrod of Alton 2008 —Ruben Cotto of Alton and Katie Broadway of CM 2007 — Kavon Lacey of Alton and Katie Broadway of CM 2006 — Kavon Lacey of Alton and Katie Broadway of CM 2005 — Lorenzo Taylor of Alton and Emily Best of EA-WR 2004 — Nick Certa of Marquette Catholic and Emily Best of EA-WR 2003 — Nick Certa of Marquette Catholic and Jordan Davis of Roxana 2002 — Travis Williams of EA-WR and Casey Law of CM 2001 — Michael Stockard of Alton and Ashley Russell of EA-WR 2000 — Demarko “Book” Snipes of Alton and Michelle Beiermann of Marquette Catholic 1999 — Demarko “Book” Snipes of Alton and Kendra Snyder of Marquette Catholic 1998 — Tony Certa of Marquette Catholic and DoBee Oros-Moore of Alton 1997 — Marlon Crawford of Alton and Jenni Combes of CM 1996 — Nic Stotler of CM and Angela Payne of Roxana 1995 — Greg McDanel of Roxana and Erica Oge of Marquette Catholic 1994 — Eric Frankford of CM and Amie Gernigan of Marquette Catholic 1993 – Ty Laux of CM 1992 – Brad Bohannon of Marquette Catholic 1991 – Jonathan Denney of CM 1990 – Kevin Caldwell of Alton 1989 – Joe Vann of Alton 1988 – Steve Mason of Marquette Catholic 1987 – Jamie Humphries of CM 1986 – Larry Smith of Alton 1985 – Larry Smith of Alton 1984 – Dale Liley of EA-WR 1983 – Rick Taylor of Alton 1982 – Steve Wooley of EA-WR 1981 – Dan Coddington of EA-WR 1980 – Troy Washpun of Alton 1979 – Jim “Buzz” Logan of EA-WR 1978 – David Goins of Alton 1977 – Brad Scheiter of Alton 1976 – Leroy Stampley of Alton 1975 – Chris Schroeder of Roxana 1974 – Doug Nalley of Alton 1973 – Lafayette Collins of Alton 1972 – Dennis Olston of EA-WR 1971 – Ron Caldwell of Alton 1970 – Dave Taynor of CM 1969 – Mike Jeffries of Alton 1968 – Leon Huff of Alton 1967 – Ricci Stotler of CM 1966 – Jim Bailey of EA-WR 1965 – Terry Brown of EA-WR 1964 – Larry Jeffries of Alton 1963 – Bob Hilgendorf of CM 1962 – Larry Shoemaker of Alton 1961 – Gary Lane of EA-WR 1960 – Karl Doucleff of Western Military Academy 1959 – Jerry Messick of EA-WR 1958 – Mike Hunter of Alton 1957 – Jim Lemon of EA-WR 1956 – Cliff Talley of EA-WR 1955 – Essic Robinson of Alton 1954 -Richard Brown of Roxana 1953 – Dick Harbke of Roxana 1952 – Ron Fisher of EA-WR 1951 – Bob Kuhn of Alton 1950 – Lowell Pettit of EA-WR 1949 – Ron Bedwell of Roxana 1948 – Sam Vinyard of EA-WR 1947 – Bob Caffery of EA-WR 1946 – Dick Erzen of EA-WR

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