Edwardsville Man Charged With Felony Weapon, Cannabis-Possession Offenses

Edwardsville, IL — Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Haine announced Friday that an investigation  by Edwardsville Police has resulted in felony weapon and cannabis possession charges. 

Daniel R. Matlock, 30, of Edwardsville has been charged with Armed Violence (class X felony), Aggravated  Discharge of a Firearm (class 1), Possession of Cannabis With Intent to Deliver (class 3) and Reckless  Discharge of a Firearm (class 4). 

The charges allege that, on Tuesday, Feb. 13, Matlock discharged a weapon in the direction of an occupied  vehicle in the 900 block of Hale Avenue. Edwardsville Police quickly responded to a report of shots fired,  and the subsequent investigation resulted in the charge of possessing 30 to 500 grams of cannabis with  intent to deliver, along with the related gun charges. 

Edwardsville Police said the gunfire was not a random act of violence, but rather stemmed from a  disagreement. 

Haine commended Edwardsville Police for their fast response and thorough investigation. 

The Class X felony, the most serious of the charges, carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in the  Department of Corrections. 

Haine’s office has filed a petition seeking pretrial detention of the defendant, which if granted would result in the defendant being held at the Madison County Jail until trial. Matlock was being held Friday morning at the jail, pending a hearing on the detention petition. 

Chris Rhodes
Author: Chris Rhodes

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